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Have tons of fun with the inflatable water bounce

The Water Bounce was first invented in Burnet, Texas by Tex Robertson of the Camp Longhorn. He first used a fuel bladder from the Army Surplus as a water toy. Now it is a world famous inflatable water toy derived from that first vision of Tex Robertson.

The Water Bounce is the only water toy of its kind that is guaranteed to be safe. The Water Bounce has a great track record as seen from its inclusion and appearances on television shows such as Nitro Circus and Wipeout. This product is extremely durable and meant to last a long time and work well due to its quality and high-strength materials. 

Users can have fun with the Water Bounce in a very specific way for maximum fun. The jumper must jump and do a drop butt-first onto the product―not a headfirst dive! After landing on the Water Bounce, the person who has jumped should crawl to the edge of the Water Bounce. At the end, they should kneel and extend arms in front slightly. A counselor or overseer should make sure that the second jumper is ready, and the flyer will respond to this by holding up their arm. The counselor says "Jumping" when the jumper is ready and then the flyer will jump onto the Water Bounce on the second full color. Use the Water Bounce for fun times and water sports at your camp or party today!