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Inflatable Billboard: A Creative Way to Advertise Your Business

Inflatable billboard, as the name suggests, is a billboard that is inflated with the help of an air pump. It functions quite similarly to an inflatable movie screen or other outdoor inflatable device. This type of billboard is typically used for outdoor advertising or other outdoor promotional events that require the use of removable and durable billboards.

An inflatable billboard can be made of various plastic and fabric materials. These include solid vinyl or vinyl-coated polyester and perforated vinyl. Coated polyester or solid vinyl inflatable billboards are both water resistant and flame resistant. But they are susceptible to wind, and also tend to get dirty easier. However, these billboards are easily washable with the use of a soft brush and mild detergent.

Perforated vinyl billboards have tiny holes in the material, which allows for breathing. These billboards come with the added benefit of being wind-resistant. Some inflatable billboards come with an aluminum frame on which the sign is hung or for support. Other versions are completely freestanding figures.

An inflatable billboard offers one of the most flexible forms of advertising. It can be used for special event marketing, beach advertising, festivals and fundraising, or as mobile boards on water. Just like traditional billboards, an inflatable billboards can be stationed on rooftops, gas stations, streets, roads, and anywhere else imaginable. Being an inflatable device, this type of billboard can be placed on water on the beach, golf courses, marinas, and urban rivers.

Unlike the regular billboards, inflatable billboards are portable and can be moved from one event to another. The target audience can see the inflatable advertising more than once or for a prolonged period of time during an event, generating even greater sales response than conventional billboards. They can also be moved indoors when inclement weather conditions are forecast to prevent damage. This makes them easier and cheaper to maintain.