Wide Open Spaces - Open air Cinema

Wide Open Spaces - Open air Cinema

Being out and about in the outdoors is a great feeling of freedom and unconstrained activity. Couple that with a good movie and even better food with the best company of family and friends. What do you get? A nice open air cinema!

Also known as outdoor cinema, open air cinema was how movies were shown in the early 1900s which actually originated in Germany, specifically Berlin. Originally, cinematography was only done with pictures but with new technology and brilliant minds that came together in the early 1900’s, the cinema was born. It started with the moving cinema in 1907 then went on to becoming drive-in cinemas or open air cinema screenings towards the 50’s and 60’s. It is a fun fact that the longest running open air cinema is in Australia and the endurance of this cinema has gotten them into the Guinness World Book of Records. There was great freedom in these open air screenings because, simply, it is done out in the open like parks or unused stadiums or stages and that appealed to the audience.

There are also types of open air cinemas that were used before and are now rising back into popularity. They are the indoor and outdoor cinemas. Even though it is called open air cinemas doesn’t always mean it can only be done outdoors, organizers can also have it in gymnasiums, clubs or schools where they usually hold a fund-raising or awareness event along with the movie-watching. Outdoor cinemas can also be done in a drive-in style or the traditional blanket-spread style (which means just placing a blanket on the ground to keep you warm and for something to sit in because open air cinemas normally do not offer chairs for sitting).

There are many benefits in participating in open air cinema screenings. They are:

·         Free - if it’s a traditional movie-watching night, they are usually free. Just have some extra cash to buy your food and drinks from nearby stalls.

·         Way to build rapport with your community - since most of your neighbors will be there watching with you, it’s a great time to get to know them better, or exchange a few stories and food while enjoying a nice movie.

·         Good for the body - it will do your muscles and bones some good to be out and about. Enjoy the fresh air and walk a little while watching and this will do wonders for your health.

·         Way to help out - if it’s a fund-raising event, it is the best way to participate and help out. Treat it as a regular paid movie but with benefits and that is, being able to help somebody while appreciating a good movie.

·         Family bonding - apart from being able to chat with your community and building connections, it is, by far, the best bonding experience for the whole family that is both inexpensive and close to home. Leave your worries and troubles behind and just sit back, relax and share your time with your spouse and kids.

Try this new bonding experience and share it with your friends and family. Go out and look up at the stars and just savor the open air. Take delight in life’s simple pleasures while you can.