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Want To Beat The Summer Heat? Make a Simple, Enjoyable Water Bounce

Want To Beat The Summer Heat? Make a Simple, Enjoyable Water Bounce

Summer is here. If you and your family are stuck indoors and are finding the summer heat quite unbearable, you may find relief by running, jumping, stomping, or simply lying on a cool water bounce for hours. Forget the expensive water slide park. Water bounces are more enjoyable for the family. Many people find they can beat the summer heat – while still enjoying the breathtaking outdoors – by simply hiring, buying or personally making water bounces.

How to Effortlessly Make an Enjoyable Water Bounce That Beats the Heat

To completely beat the summer heat, and have fun while, at it, you need a hose, blue food colouring, heavy duty duct tape, 3 or 4 MIL plastic sheeting, and water. This is all the material you need to make an enjoyable water bounce for the family this summer. Here is what to do next: Initially, neatly fold the plastic sheeting in half. This is best achieved when the entire plastic sheeting is spread out flat on the grass. Then tape the open edges of the plastic sheeting.

Prior to taping the edges, ensure to fold over the plastic sheeting as well. Taping both sides completely helps achieve better results. Make certain to also leave a small hole on the plastic sheeting for the hose to fit through. The opening simply makes filling the bounce with water effortless. Are you finding it hard to make a bounce thus far? No need to break into a sweat. There is a plethora of stores where you can buy water bounce that is ready to fill with water and use.

Conversely, there are stores where you can equally hire water bounce for use. Back to the small opening: Fit a hose on the hole and entirely fill the plastic sheeting with water. Since the plastic sheeting is transparent, add little drops of the blue food colouring to make the water alluring and appear eye-catching. The blue colouring drops simply fade the moment you start sliding, jumping, stomping, and lying on the water bounce. Additionally, keep the bounce on a flat surface.

Final Step to Making a Simple Water Bounce

Take out the hose from the hole. Then neatly seal off the opened section with duct tape. It is only when you have made certain that there are no leakages – and you are fully satisfied with the amount of water filled therein – that you should allow yourselves to slide, jump, run, stomp, or rather; let loose on the water bounce. To create that wow factor mainly for the kids: You could add some small gummy items like fish or worms, or glittering confetti, or different party-theme shades of food colouring in the water bounce.