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Tips for Great Outdoor Movies Night

Tips for Great Outdoor Movies Night

  • Summer is the best time to enjoy outdoor movies. There’s nothing like enjoying a classic flick with your friends and families during a warm evening. You movie night doesn’t have to be expensive. It just needs careful planning so that everyone can enjoy themselves. Here are some tips that can make your movie night be perfect.

    Location for the Outdoor Movie Screen

    You should find the right spot to hold your outdoor movie night. It can be at the patio, garage, porch, or the backyard. It should be a place where you can control the amount of life that the area. Just think of a pop up cinema and try to emulate one in a small scale. There should not be any bright streetlight in the vicinity. If you don’t have a backyard, then think of space in your property that can provide adequate space for the screen and the viewers.

    Prepare the Equipment

    Before the big night, you should prefer the equipment you’ll need for the film showing. The basic things you need are movie player, outdoor movie screen, sound system and projector. If you need a projector, then you can get an affordable inflatable projection screen. Or you can opt to bring out the TV set or computer outside.

    Choose the Movie

    The outdoor movie night will not be good if the crowd doesn’t like the movie. When selecting one, you should consider who will be watching. If there are kids, then you might opt for a classic or a family-friendly one. Or you could go with the theme and pick one of the great summertime movies.

    Provide Comfortable Seating

    You don’t need to buy outdoor seating for your movie night. You can use simple blankets that allow you and your guests to enjoy the movie from start to finish. Aside from blankets, there are other outdoor seating options that you can use for outdoor movies.

    Repel Bugs Away

    Before the guests arrive for the night, make sure that you repel the bugs in the area. You can also provide bug spray for the guests. There are natural methods to repel the bugs out of your yard even just for the movie night.

    Use Soft Lighting

    The area should be dark enough so that everyone can see the images on the outdoor movie screen. To light up the path, you can use candles. It would provide adequate lighting and at the same time add to the ambiance.

    Invite the Neighbours

    Your outdoor movies night might disturb the houses around the neighbourhood. You should let them know that you are holding an event. Or better yet, why not be a good neighbour and let them in the fun as well. There’s no better way to spread camaraderie among neighbours than a good movie and some popcorn.