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Indoors, Outdoors - It’s Still a Movie Screen

Indoors, Outdoors - It’s Still a Movie Screen

When I hear the word “inflatable”, I think of beach balls and air mattresses.  Movies do not come to mind.  However, in our ever-changing world, inflatable movie screens are becoming available to the general public.  Why?, How?, …what?! 

I’ll start with the “why.”  Inflatable movie screens are used for outdoor events.  Think of the community park that shows free movies during the summer, or the travel soccer game that is broadcast on a big screen.   Imagine your grandparent’s fiftieth wedding anniversary with all of the aunts, uncles, and cousins-and the video of the past fifty years of family history.  An inflatable movie screen can make the video viewable to everyone.  No need to worry about sitting behind someone tall, or someone sporting a large, fancy hat.  Everyone can see the screen.  Another use for an inflatable movie screen would be the company picnic at the beach.  The boss wants to show off the great work the team has produced throughout the year, yet still give the employees and their families a fun day at the beach.  An inflatable movie screen allows the day to start with a video of the year’s highlights, and flow right into the party on the beach.  An inflatable movie screen would also come in handy for large gatherings that take place in school cafeterias or other spaces where large screens are not generally found.  The screen can be inflated, and the presentation seen by all who are present.

Moving on to the how… Inflatable movie screens are composed of a collapsible frame and a projection screen.  Welded frame construction enables the frame to support the weight of the screen.  Frames are also watertight.  The screens are constructed out of layers of fabric that have been coated with PVC.   There is also a blower, or up to three blowers for larger screens, that keeps the screen stable and flat regardless of the weather.  Screens also hold up to small punctures because the air is continuously blowing, and keeps them inflated. 

Inflatable screens are convenient because they can be erected and taken down quickly.  They are lightweight in comparison to traditional screens, which have heavy steel frames.  Inflatable screens are also portable.  A fifty- foot screen can be transported using only one pallet on the back of a truck.  A  smaller twelve-foot screen is only thirty-five pounds and can fit in the trunk of a car.  These small screens can be inflated in twenty seconds! 

There are many event companies that will rent supersized inflatable movie screens for group events.  They will provide transportation, personnel to run the movie, and provide back-up equipment in case of a malfunction.  Insurance is available in case of inclement weather.  If you are purchasing an inflatable screen for home use, be sure to check to see if a projector is included in the package.  If not, you will have to purchase a projector, and possibly speakers, separately. 

So for your next family picnic or company party, think big!  With an inflatable movie screen, you will be able to entertain the entire crowd at once.