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How to keep the whole family entertained on a camping trip

How to keep the whole family entertained on a camping trip

How to keep the whole family entertained on a camping trip

Camping holidays offer families a great way of enjoying the peace and tranquillity that nature can offer, away from the distractions and hustle and bustle of everyday life. The simple pleasures of being outdoors can be enjoyed by all ages and are a great way of bringing your whole family together.

One of the greatest pleasures of camping is finding a secluded spot deep within the countryside where you and your family just have each other and nature for company. Although this is perfect for mum and dad to catch up on a bit of R and R if you’re taking kids with you you’ll need to be prepared to keep them entertained at all times. Away from the television, their friends and electronic devices kids can become a little lost for what to do after a while. It’s important to go camping prepared with a few fun family activities that the whole family can enjoy together to prevent kids from becoming bored quickly.

Build a camp fire – Building a campfire evokes a primitive pleasure in people of all ages. Get the whole family gathering suitable firewood and kindling together. Make sure that you pack marshmallows for toasting on sticks over the open fire. If anyone in your family plays a guitar bring it along on the trip and sing songs around the campfire, or if you’re not a very musical family you could always tell stories instead.

Inflatable projection screen – For a luxury camping experience that the kids will love why not take along your very own private open-air cinema. When the sun has gone down huddle up under a blanket under the stars to watch a movie before bed. Inflatable movie screens and projectors are great investments as you’ll be able to take them on your camping trips year after year.

Wildlife spotting – Get your kids interested in their surroundings by taking along some wildlife books on your camping trip so that you can see how much wildlife you can spot. Let your kids tick things off in the book as they spot them. Make a list of some of the more common plants and insects that your kids might see in the area and send them off on a treasure hunt to see how many of them they can find.

Inflatable water toys – If you’re going to be camping near a lake or river then taking along inflatable toys for the water will keep the whole family entertained for hours. From small inflatable boats and rubber rings to huge water bounce or an inflatable water trampoline, inflatable water toys can be taken camping year after year.

Stargaze – When you’re out deep in the heart of nature away from the light pollution of the big cities the sky looks completely different. Your whole family will be enchanted by the vast array of stars, constellations, galaxies and planets that are suddenly visible when you’re camping far away from civilisation. Take along a book with a guide to the constellations and see which ones you can spot whilst learning about the stars. You could even take along a telescope for a closer look at the moon and planets. Don’t forget to make a wish if you spot a shooting star.