Go Big – in the Outdoors

Go Big – in the Outdoors

Outdoor movie screens are becoming more and more affordable.  Inflatable screens are extremely portable, and standard truss frame screens are not difficult to construct.

If your family loves to camp, but the children don’t give you a moment to stop and breathe in the piney air, an outdoor movie screen could be the solution to finding your moment of solitude.  You will need a campsite with electricity, but once the projector is plugged in, and the screen is set up,you will be enjoying a little quiet time as soon as the movie starts. 

Think of the last time the whole extended family was crowded around a computer screen trying to view the home videos from Christmases past.  An outdoor movie screen can give easy access to the whole crowd at one time.  Everyone can relive those moments of crazy sweaters and even crazier gift exchanges together.

Inflatable outdoor movie screens can be inflated in quickly and easily.  Some inflate as quickly as twenty seconds.  They come with blowers to inflate the screen.  Projectors and speakers are usually sold separately, so check the package description if you are comparing prices.  Cheaper might mean buying extra equipment and paying more in the long run.  Outdoor movie screens have lightweight frames that can be constructed easily.  Some screens even have inflatable frames.  The screens themselves are constructed from layers of PVC treated fabric.  Screens constructed of matte white surfaces and 1.0 gain diffuse the light so that the image on the outdoor movie screen can be seen clearly, even at an angle.  Screen construction has improved over time.  Screens are now able to stand up to windy weather without distorting the projected image with bumps in the fabric. 

Not all outdoor movie screens are inflatable, however.  Screens are also available that have truss frame construction.  These screens are stretched tightly across the frame to keep the projected image flat.  These frames take longer to assemble than the inflatable screens, and are much heavier and bulkier to transport.  They are also not as safe because they cannot be disassembled quickly in the case of inclement weather.

Outdoor movie screens come in a variety of sizes where the smallest screens are about twelve feet wide.

It is possible to construct your own outdoor movie screen for much less than the cost of a premade outdoor movie screen..  Materials are available from hardware stores.  Outdoor movie screens can be constructed from galvanized conduit, PVC tees and elbows, assorted hardware, spray glue rubber cement, nylon cord and outdoor fabric.  You can purchase a slightly used projector for a bargain at a second-hand store or on-line.  With a few hours of work you will have your very own custom outdoor movie screen.  With the money you saved building your own screen, you can buy popcorn and refreshments for the whole neighborhood!  You’ll be the most popular family on the block.