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Get Noticed With Inflatables

Get Noticed With Inflatables

Get Noticed With Inflatables

Whether you are a brand new company or a business that is revamping itself, it is important for you to get your name out there and to get noticed. There are many ways that you can do such a thing, but a sure fire way to get noticed is to use inflatable advertising. Surely you have driven by many businesses that have air balloons or an air dancer to catch your eye; chances are you have pulled into a business after seeing it. You don’t have to be a business to enjoy the benefits of using an inflatable; you can use them for pretty much any occasion and any reason, the sky is the limit.

Different inflatables to use

Inflatable screen

Perhaps you are throwing a large barbecue for your company to show your employees how much you appreciate them. A great way to cap the night off would be to enjoy a great movie in the garden. You could easily do this by using an inflatable screen. Yes, that's right, and inflatable screen.

You can choose to try and set it up yourself, or you can have someone do it for you. To use the inflatable screen, you do need a project to work the movie from. Otherwise, they are great to watch a nice movie with.

Inflatable billboards

Inflatable billboards are a great way to advertise your business, and to get your name out there. They would be a great tool to use if you are having a special event, or a large sale. In some cases you may have seen these blows up wonders at carnivals, sporting events and maybe even advertising an upcoming event. These inflatable billboards can easily catch the public eye and bring the traffic into your business.

Helium blimp

The helium blimp is a great way to catch the eye of many people at the same time. Some companies prefer to have them on the roof of their building. You may often see the blimp in the shape of the product that they sell. For example, you may see a large replica of a Pepsi can for the manufacture or maybe because they sponsor benefit of sorts.

Air dancer

Air dancers can have more purposes than just advertising. You may have seen the tall balloon, with arms that looks a bitlike a cactus. They are often used at car dealers, new restaurants and grand openings.

An awesome use for the air dancer is to use it like it is a scarecrow. With it dancing in the wind it will keep pesky animals out of your garden, and could save you a bunch of money. A definite great use!


There are so countless ways to use an inflatable advertising. You don’t have to be a business to use them. They can be used for any reason and any occasion. The inflatable advertising is a fun way to target the audience, and to get the traffic that you need. When you decided to use inflatables, you will be glad you did.