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Fun Foam Parties for All Events

Fun Foam Parties for All Events

  • Thinking of adding fun to your events? Then foam parties could add that fun to you and your guests thus giving you a unique and worthwhile party experience. You may have foam parties for birthday parties; college parties; outdoor events; company parties; adults’ only parties; dance club parties; and many more where you want to add fun. Just foam cannon from Inflatable Products can make your events wow.

    Foam parties are the best additions to your events in order to entice your guests. Let the fun begins with everyone in a good mood enjoying foam parties at any time or anywhere. Guests will get to dance together while enjoying the foam that is sprayed and poured over them by foam cannon in the foam pit.

    The advantage with foam parties is that they can be made during any season. Whether winter of summer, the foam machine will provide you with warm water. Although your clothes will be damp but the water is warm thus making foam parties the best fun addable in any event and any season. For example, you may add them on your Summer Picnics or simply a get together party, it still suits.

    What really is a foam party?

    What comes to mind when they think of foam is a simple water and soap, and they all think about getting cold and wet. It’s contrary to that perception of getting cold. It is instead warm.

     In a foam party, there are foam machine or foam cannon that will yield foam to fill up the area where guests will dance during the party. A thick foam jet is sprayed usually to a maximum of 8 meters in the dance area. The foam machine will pour more foam on the dance area for everyone to be covered. More foam will be continuously added as the levels drops. And this foam can differ in foam parties depending on preference and party mood. The notable difference is the thickness of the foam.

    How to make foam parties?

    Foam parties are not that complicated as one may perceive. Buying foam cannon of your choice from Inflatable Products is one of the crucial steps because it provides you with foam to cover everyone. Water and foam blend will be transported to the foam machine in order to generate foam. Inflatable Products have varying models of foam cannons to get started with foam parties.

    You have to select the venue where you want to have this foam party, and then prepare a room space where you will dance together in foam with your guests. However, precautionary measures should be taken when selecting the room because, for example, if the room has wood finishes, they might get damaged by the foam. Once you have a chosen venue then get yourself a foam machine for the foam party.

    What to wear for a foam party?

    It is advisable to not wear fancy clothes or dry cleaning clothes. Adorn yourself with costumes as if you going to swim. There are usually changing rooms prepared for these parties.