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Fun and Thrills with Water Bounce

Fun and Thrills with Water Bounce

Fun and Thrills with Water Bounce

Take fun to the maximum and experience a highflying adventure with the water bounce. As the ultimate accessory for outdoor adventure, it is amazing how much fun one can derive through a simple idea. The water bounce is a giant inflatable pillow that is placed on a lake and you jump on it from a tower. While it can be scary to bounce for the first time, it is a fantastic experience for both young and old once they get the hang of it.

Enjoyable Safe Fun

Made of heavy-duty vinyl, the water bounce is extremely durable and can withstand any rough tumble antics that kids can throw at it. They are built to meet stringent safety standards and made to last for years of fun with proper usage. These water toys give you exceptional value for your money with their durability. It is suitable for ages seven and up and with the right technique of bouncing, there are no worries about injuries and safety issues. Everyone can hang out and enjoy the thrilling and exciting experience of flying in the air before a spectacular splash into the water. They have become incredibly popular in recent years, helping to add a real thrill factor to any time spent at the lake.


Being super versatile, one can perform tricks, lounge on it, play games, or jump from diving boards with the water bounce. There are endless possibilities with the inflatable bounce. It will help to bring out the kid in you when the bounce is inflated. You will find yourself having infinite hours of enjoyment using it. The water bounce can form the centerpiece of water parties and events, providing an interesting activity for the occasion.

How It Works

This new trendy water sport of bouncing has made waves in many lakes across countries. It is one of the popular summer water activities where fearless jumpers are catapulted from platforms of varying heights. Daredevils can try higher heights while kids can have fun jumping or playing games on the water bounce. Children can spend hours rolling on this inflatable water trampoline. The participant will be sitting on one end of the water bounce that floats on the river. The jumper will then jump off the diving board or platform on the other end of the water bounce, catapulting the participant high up into the air. Some perform acrobatics while in mid air. For some action packed thrills, two or three jumpers are used to launch the "flight." The more jumpers that are used on the water bounce, the higher the participant will fly up into the air.

Water activities are definitely the staples of summertime fun. If you have exhausted all ideas for water play, try the water bounce for a brand new experience of fun. It will add a whole new dimension of thrill and fun to your water activities, making your summer a memorable and exciting one. It will be the most awesome water activity that you have tried thus far.