Freedom at the Movies!

Freedom at the Movies!

Are you tired of going to cramped theaters just to watch a good old movie and getting standing-only ticket because the cinema is packed? Going to cinemas and movie houses these days are more for the sake of seeing the movie rather than just sitting back and enjoying the movie with good company. Movies have become so commercially aired that sometimes, it’s no longer fun to watch it in your typical mall or movie house having to contend with, either too hot or too cold temperatures, a fussy person next to you or, God-forbid, a fussy person who occasionally fart beside you. Nobody wants to be in that situation.

Alas! Good news, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for traditional cinema showings. There is a new and emerging trend, most popular in the UK, that’s sweeping the viewing public. Do you want to relax and breathe the night air while watching your favorite movies? What about being able to lie down while watching and not bumping into anybody’s elbow for a good enough space? And best yet, would you want to bring your dog? Great! This is perfect for you; pop up cinema.

More widely known as outdoor cinema, it has been around for ages but with the emergence of sophisticated tools and advances in technology, it was replaced almost entirely by movie houses or mall cinemas. But with the need for a change in atmosphere and the changing moods of people, pop up cinema is starting to build its momentum starting from small movie projectors in parks to larger scale movie productions in bigger spaces and with a larger audience.

Proprietors of this new pop up cinema hire people to set up the stage where the projector and the screen will be and also make sure to book the place for that sole purpose. They have also been advertising all over the internet where the next screenings will be, when it will happen, and also offer seats for booking. All these are done for free! Yes, pop up cinema is generally free but, of course, the food is not.

Here are some things you need to bring to a screening:

·         Blanket/s- since most of the pop up cinema screenings don’t have any seating or actual chairs provided, viewers are required to bring their own blankets where they can sit on or lie on during the screening.

·         Money for food- some screenings do not allow viewers to bring their own food in the premises but the organizers of pop up cinema hire food stands or allow food vendors in the vicinity to make your viewing pleasure even more enjoyable.

·         Family and friends- the more the merrier! You can bring your kids, your dog, and your next-door neighbor to the screenings and enjoy your movie night relaxing in the open air and be able to stretch your legs and lie down when you feel like it.

This is definitely a great viewing experience for the whole family and something worth sharing with everybody else. I hope this trend catches on soon to reach every community and get back to the basics of movie-watching, which is to enjoy, not only the movie, but the experience altogether!