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Foam Cannon: Turning Your Pressure Washer into a Foamer

Foam Cannon: Turning Your Pressure Washer into a Foamer

Foam Cannon: Turning Your Pressure Washer into a Foamer

If you are seeking to boost the effectiveness of your pressure washer today, perhaps the idea of investing in a foam cannon might be a good one. Car, carpet, and rug washing is not an easy task if you don’t have the right kind of tools to use on the job. At times, for the case of a car, engine and under cleaning might prove to be a tedious task if you are handling it without specialized tools.

That is exactly why the foam cannons are currently in the market to fulfill that purpose. If today you would like to transform your pressure washer into a high-powered foamer, the cannon might offer the service you need. This attachment allows you to cover your car in a flurry of foam much faster than any other related product on the market.

The foam lance works together with a pressure cooker in order to produce thick, clinging foam. This means that when you are using this product, you can easily give your car a touch-free wash with lots of efficiency. This kit will definitely blow you away when you use it for the first time.

The main benefit of using the foam cannon gun when you want to deliver soap to your car is that it does not need you to keep touching the vehicle every other time. The cannon therefore sprays a thick coat of soap onto the car so as to loosen any dirt that might have stuck on its surface. When you are washing a dusty car, the use of the foam cannon is enough to accomplish the desired kind of results.

There is no doubt that very few cannons are able to produce the amount of foam produced by this product. Moreover, the foam clings into place along the vertical planes so that you can wash your car safely and effectively.