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The Bounce

The Bounce

The Bounce

Water bounce is an inflated air bag that is used to carry out various outdoor activities. It is the activity where one participant sitting at the end of the air bag that is partially inflated, is usually launched after another one jumps into the water on it from the opposite side of the platform. The activity is very common during summer in North America and different tricks can be performed in the water. The bag is usually up to 12 meters long.

Originally the bounce was used by the military. It used to be a fuel floating tank that ships used to tow this was due to the fact that gas and oil float on water where the fuel filled floated side to the ships. Sailors were the first users as they used to jump onto the bounce from the ship. It was first used in a summer camp by the founder’s son in Austin, Texas and the camp was called camp longhorn and was used in the canoe bay at the camp.

The first bounce was manufactured by company in Texas but later on quit manufacturing it, but by now it had become very popular among many camps. In 1985 Spike white brought an old bounce version which had been made in Texas to try and find out if they would be able to manufacture it. This was when it got the changes in design it has today as they were able to manufacture it. There several distributors in many countries all around the world thus their sale in many countries.

From the year 2011 Europe.com Organizer came up with the first championships battle. The teams involved were two jumpers and one other where they compete against each other in the knockout stages. The evaluation in these battles happens with the assistance of judges and height gauges.

Christian “Elvis” Guth holds the Guinness book world record in greatest height that has been achieved by an air bag which is 22 meters set on 7th June 2012.

Today the water bounce is available at very good and fair prices for either hire or buying. For all those fun lovers this is a great opportunity that should not go by without being fully utilized. Many tricks can be performed with it or even invent games for playing on it. Many companies today stock it all over the different countries in the world.

Customer have the power to specify and choosing the colors of the bounce when being set up that is the one is able to customize in accordance with the preferences and even including branding. For a fun filled summer try them out and see how well one enjoys the fun they provide. Why wait for a story on the amount of fun one derives from the activity when one can be the narrator of the amazing fun one gets when performing the activity. People should try it for a change in the summer. It is a highly advisable activity worth a trial.