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The Bounce

The Bounce

The Bounce

The Bounce, can be said as bouncing and water bounce, is an outdoor water activity in which a participant sits on the end of a partially inflated air bag which known as a water trampoline or bounce and is then launched into the water after another participant jumps onto the air bag from a platform on the opposite side. The air bag is approximately 10 meters long by 2 meters wide. The recommended height of the tower or jumping platform is 15 feet above the water surface or 10 feet above the air bag. This is a famous water activity especially during the summer camps in North America. Now, it is a worldwide game for everyone.

            Water bounce was originally used in a military surplus item. It is a floating fuel tank that ships could tow. Since oil and gas float on top of the water, the fuel-filled bladders floated next to the ship. The first jumpers were a sailor who jumps from the ship onto the bounce. That’s where the water game was discovered. Anyway, let’s see what makes the water game so popular and interesting.

            Firstly, it is style and cool. You can actually perform some tricks or style while you’re in the air. Some would like to do a flip or any tricks that could impress the other. But, doing all this is not as easy as you though, you’ll need some skill for that. If you can make it, that’s mean you’re really good and you’re going to impress your audience. Instead of playing with tricks, some prefer to play with the height. They will see who the one that ‘fly’ highest is. Of course, they are a couple of competition in this game. Anyway, the prize is not the most important part of the game, but is about how exciting it is.

            Secondly, it is suitable for all ages. Of course, it’s not a game for a baby; keep your baby boy or girl at home for this game. Although this game is originally designated for those who attend the summer camp, but it is now open for all ages. There are more water bounce built around the world nowadays. Yes, from a young child to adult. As long as you have the gut, go ahead. Everyone can enjoy with this interesting game and that’s probably no age limits. What you should consider about is your health condition. This game is even an event in a popular Korean television shows. Anyway, you might be more familiar to these television shows – Total Wipeout. They do have a water bounce in the ‘Winter Wipeout’ series. And all of those ‘old children’ are playing with it, why can’t you?

So, why don’t you try this game out? Let’s hang out and enjoy the exciting, heart-in-your-throat experience of flying up in the air before your spectacular splash dawn. Make yourself a little wet but gain a thousand more times fun. Or jump down from the platform which 15 meters from the water surface to make someone ‘fly’ away.